Furgiven Animal Sanctuary (“FAS”) is a nonprofit, no-kill organization dedicated to creating second-chance opportunities for dogs overlooked.

Our focus lies in partnering with public shelters to prevent the euthanasia of dogs and local no-kill shelters to transition their long-term, left-behind dogs to a sanctuary where they can be a priority regardless of age, breed, or ease of placement.

At FAS, we believe that providing a more intimate, individual atmosphere for dogs in these specific circumstances increases their chances of finding forever homes while promoting the animal-human bond within our community of the Greater Midsouth, Tri-State area.

In addition to being a sanctuary for dogs overlooked, FAS assists (through scheduled events) with providing free or discounted veterinary services, low-cost spay/neuter clinics, as well as training and support services for current or future pet owners and advocates.

Our comprehensive adoption process and support services promote thoughtful, healthy relationships among animals and adopters and offer lifetime support to our residents. Animals in our care are spayed/neutered, receive all necessary treatments, vaccinations, and veterinary care for the duration of their time with us, regardless of adoption status.